Monday, July 6, 2015

Naptime, Raspberries, Doughnuts and Much Love

~Ian lies down with Finn to help him fall asleep for a nap.
~Emma lies down with Finn to help him fall asleep for a nap.
~Emma and Ian, together, try to get Finn to settle down for a nap.
~Oh well, No nap today. He's too excited and off schedule. 
~Papa takes Finn down to swing.
~Finnegan falls asleep within 5 minutes swinging with Papa.
~Sometimes it just takes a Grandpa.

 Gently Papa carries Finn up to the porch to be out of the sun.

Still asleep and snoring.

I know a man who is savoring every moment

Monday Morning and It's not even 7 am!

Tillie waits patiently while the rest of the family goes it for doughnuts.

 Uncle Josiah gives Finnegan is very first doughnut ever!

Notice how dad is checking out the 1st doughnut over Oma's shoulder.

OK guys, You two are caught with evidence in hand. Busted!

Uncle Josiah and Aunt Mere's doughnut and coffee shop

Finn nibbles the doughnut hole. He didn't gulp it down.

The guys before the Local Lion opens at 7 am

 Snack. Papa made omelettes, sausage with fresh peaches earlier.

Off on the final leg of the journey from Germany to Nashville.