Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Seven

We did it! As my brother-in-law Rick would say.."OOORAH!"After the second or third load from storage unit one to storage unit two, in the rain,  I turned to Pa and said...We are grandparent superheroes...HePa and SheMa! Therefore! we had our first adventure conquering storage units in the pouring rain! We had to move everything by 5 pm. We began close to 10 am, took a lunch break, went to three stores to pick up online orders, then back to work. We finished before 4 pm! OOORAH! Conquered.

Armed and ready

The rain wasn't so bad most of the time

It rained hard sometimes

Later in the afternoon the rain picked up again with the wind


The children and grandchildren are coming for lunch tomorrow. The last of the load comes home with us.

HePa worked, worked and re-worked the chair puzzle until it worked.

See, all the chairs made it inside the car. An overstuffed 1940 style rocker, upholstered straight back chair, five dining table chairs. Super grandpa HePa gets a job done!

Comin' home. Chairs to put around the table for lunch tomorrow. 

***I changed gears and went out to the Big Lots 20% off and to the grocery store . We are expecting very important people around our family table tomorrow. the kitchen. Some cooking preparations for tomorrow are in order.*** 

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Six

 "Putted" around the house through the morning before going over to spend time with Iona until time to pick Selah up from school.

Iona is napping. Sitting still and quiet on the couch. The view across from me.

Looking up 

Time to pick Selah up from school.

I felt official. Meredith left the name sign with me.

Belting up

Told me all about the honor of bringing Clifford home for the weekend.

Iona was very interested

Thankfully school traffic was slowing me down enough to snap a blurry shot of just part of a huge field of pumpkins. I liked the contrast of the bright orange balls against the rain and fog.

Mama is home. We all have time for tea. The girls sipped their warm spice tea through straws.

We rented a storage room during the summer. Move lots of stuff inside. Felt like it was too damp. So now we are moving the stuff again to a climate controlled indoor storage warehouse. 

From storage space one to storage space two.Hope to get it all moved from storage spot one by Saturday.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Five

The Appraiser Man came
I snuck around watching him measure and take notes


The following really, really happened just like this...As the Appraiser Man left I walked back to the kitchen and looked out the back window. A vibrant red banged into my view. A male cardinal sitting on a far right limb of the apple tree. I said out loud..."Stay right there buddy, I need to get the camera".. Somehow I knew he would still be sitting there. He was. I say out loud again. "Lord, I would love to get a picture of Cardinal next to that apple." An assurance fell  inside my diaphragm-upper stomach with the whisper..."Just watch"...I did.

He seems to look at the apple just before flying away. He hopped almost in a straight line from one side of the tree to the other. Travel time approximately two minutes. 

~Tears roll. Tears of how much I am loved. Tears for how involved The Creator is with me. Heavy tears pour as I cry Thank you ~Thank you ~Thank you. You hear me. You see me. You assure me. You assure me that the burdens of my heart are seen~heard and will be directed. You whispered, "Just watch" 

I thought I was finished with photos for the day but I wasn't....
Another sight from the bay window this afternoon. Mama and baby

Picked these beauties before the rains come

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Four

Jesse made this leather knotted chain when he was in middle school, I think...he may have been older. It has traveled well. Heading out to work.  

Drivin' the truck to work. Wonder how many times we have been up and down this road? 

Our corner 

Where the neighborhood hits the main road.

Mama Marilyn...David's mama..would've been proud of the German supper of  pan fried potatoes, kraut, chicken-caramelized onion sausages. Except her sausage would have most likely been pork. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Three

It poured rain most all day long. Gully washing, flash flooding rain. Stopped raining just long enough for David and me to drive to Triplett; which feels like driving down into the belly of the mountains. A deep, deep valley with snake curves that you almost meet yourself comin'.

Morning to Evening 

Coffee and warm fruit crisp for breakfast as I chatted with a friend over Facebook private message

Home from a work day. Walked by and noticed the opened front door 

Nightly school's in routine-ritual... to get the papers graded,make plans, call a parent, answer school email, (well almost nightly...not on Friday but sometimes on a Saturday and always on Sunday)

A look out of the bedroom window. Lights from the little ones windows. I'm sure they are getting ready for bed and tomorrow's school day. One more reason this is such a sweet community street. Neighbors 

One more day to wake and rest in this home. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Two

Raining. Foggy. Cool. Breezy. I opened the doors and windows to welcome the outside inside. I cooked. The damp air was warmed by the heat from the stove. We danced very well together~~ Or at least I thought so.~~ I totally enjoyed myself.

Big Truck. Workers cutting limbs close to power lines. I felt a longing in my soul for grandchildren to stand at the window with me to watch the BIG TRUCK and the MEN.  

Light over the stairs WORKS! for the first time in 18 yrs. A huge painting by David hung over the stairs.  Thank you Zach Mizell. 

Flowers from our yard on the window seal. A common sight. David planted flowers that would bloom from early Spring to Autumn. He said he always wanted me to have flowers.That is why our yard blooms 7-8 months out of the year.   

Cleaning out the freezer. Used up some grated zucchini for bread

After school snack. Just out of the oven.

We loaned out our apple picker last year. Can't remember who borrowed it. That picker has hung around for years. Just didn't feel right not to have an apple picker with an apple tree that needed pickin'. Happy Fall to You Sweetheart! The apple picker arrived today!

Way to my man's heart. Surprise him with an apple picker.

He goes out IN the rain to pick apples. 

Getting drenched. 

I love this sight. This has been my view for years. Watching David out in the "back 40" while I'm in the kitchen. 

Oven "fried" okra

Continuing to clean the out freezer. Apple, pear, cranberry crumble

 This is a glimpse of the second day of our last month on the Wildwood. It was a good one too.