Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Last Day Living on Wildwood Lane

The Last Day. I took David to work early morning. Came home and did some last minute cleaning and gathered up our last belongings. I know this may sound crazy to some, but as I walked around taking parting photos I thanked each room. I locked the door, left the keys and cried. Actually I cried pretty much through the entire leaving the home process. Thirty years is a good while to live in one place.

Joy at the End of the Day 

David and I drove over to see the grandchildren all dressed up for the Boone Boo. Balm. Balm to my achy soul. Yes, I cried. I love our children and grandchildren so. 

 We say our goodbyes with hugs and kisses. As we turn to walk away I cried. Cried almost all the way to the car. We drive toward our "winter home". We don't turn right at Forest Hill. We keep on going. My throat ached. I felt as though I could hardly breathe. Tears rolled..No, they poured. David reaches over without at word and holds my hand. We ride a few miles in silence. I finally breathe. I look forward to our new home in Todd. I am blessed to have a place to be for the winter. I see God's hand through it all. I do know this, wherever David and I are together, I am home.
 I ask David to put the sign up as I make the first meal, in the first chapter of our new venture.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Twenty-Eight

I wanted this to be the last thing to come down from the Wildwood Homestead.  And yes,I cried....

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Twenty-Seven

Cleaning out the remainder of the kitchen cabinets today. David and I are down to the bare bones in the fridge and cabinets. I had beets with my lunch. Was about to wipe down the counter top and noticed this smiling up at me. 

I placed these two little post-it type cards inside the pantry door years ago.  They will definitely go up in our new home.

This is the back side of the little dancing penguin. Almost 20 years.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Last Days of Wildwood Lane # Twenty-Six

Moved the Big Stuff Day. Jesse and Josiah came over with their trucks. Everyone work very hard, steady and laughed alot. David and I are grateful. Appliances, Beds, Furniture, Tools,....and the Woodstove...We got 'er done. We still have things to move but most all of the heavy stuff was taken care of today. We did enjoy a stop for lunch in downtown West Jefferson, where we found out most eateries were closed on Sundays. Meredith and the girls met us for lunch too.