Saturday, November 28, 2015

Late November Beauty

Good Morning. Sunrise Through the Power Lines

Petunias enjoying the warmth of a late November sun
Please Take Time to Watch....Intentional Living

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Carving Lesson, Park Play,Homemade Cocoa and Whipped Cream

Josiah was very concerned about the turkey's 30 minute ride over the river and through the woods. The turkey was great. Still steaming hot. David teaches Josiah the fine art of turkey carving. Passing the mantel...fork and knife.

 We enjoy the warm afternoon at the park. Papa, Selah and Iona make homemade hot chocolate with real whipped cream. We enjoy desserts while working on a holiday puzzle.

 A Wonderful Day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thank You

Aromas. Turkey roasting. Biscuits baking. Coffee making. Somebody just opened up an orange or tangerine. Smells mingle as smoke from a camp fire.  Coffee smells strong along side the banana pudding, sweet potato, egg custard, and chocolate meringue pies.

Sounds. The clink of spoons against serving bowls. Pass the mashed potatoes.Would you send the collards down this way please? Ice shifts inside the tea glasses. Uncle Billy stirs sugar in is coffee. Aunt Elaine laughs a laugh that makes you laugh. Uncle Milt spins a yarn. A symphony. An orchestrated family choir.

Tastes. How can a body explain taste? Food from the heart. Aunts that bring their best. A Grandma that creates magic inside an oven and from a bowl. Recipes that have just been and are.

Sights.  Bodies. Barely room to move. Cousins. Uncles, Aunts. Laughing faces. Red formica table top. Picnic table brought inside for the cousins. Table cloth thrown over the washer with pitchers of tea. Familiar.

Safe. Unhurried. Steady.

Thank you.
Thank you for rituals.
Thank you for being loved.