Thursday, December 3, 2015

Marvin Martian, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Over the River and Through the Woods

David compromises early morning school time the three days a week I work. We leave a little later than he usually does on those days. I hang around in his classroom until time for students to arrive. I am happy to mouse around and watch him start his day. Oh, you will see the watchful eye of Marvin Martian. This guy has watched over many classrooms and grade levels over the years. David entertains his students from time to time in a Marvin Martian voice.

Heading out to work.
While working, a box of Bazooka Bubble gum came apart. Of course I had to open one just to see what was inside and taste it. I could actually taste the bubblegum way before a small chew. That was all I needed just a sample then out it went. Ya know, for old times sake.

We finished off the evening going to Selah's Christmas Kindergarten Play