Saturday, January 2, 2016


Milk Chocolate-Dark Chocolate

Sweet Wine-Dry Wine

Light/Medium Roast Coffee Beans-Dark/Espresso Roast Coffee Beans


Aromatic Pipe Tobacco-Non Aromatic Pipe Tobacco-English Blend Pipe Tobacco

Mild Cheese -Extra Aged Sharp Cheese


Eew? How do you like that? I don't like ________.  
Maybe what we like/don't like is just the simple matter of the genetics of our taste buds, olfactory nerves, photo-receptors....  

I'm sure we've all done it. Tried to prove why our way is the best of ....
"I've researched that." "I know what I'm talking about." On and on we go to prove "our 
taste." Our taste in music, clothes, food, art...

I am a researcher. I like to know the why's, history of, how it's done, what's inside, ingredients, best deal....But does me knowing information make what I like best? 


I'm not talking about healthy choices. That is a given. Vegetables and fruits are much more beneficial than candy and chips.   

Let's accept one another. 
Enjoy a cup of Earl Grey with a dollop of honey. 
I'll enjoy a cup of French roast with a little sugar and cream. 
Enjoy our differences. Glean from one another. 

It's totally OK with me if you like your wine sweet.... l'chaim

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