Sunday, February 7, 2016

Eastern North Carolina Old Boards, Lunch with Son Mid-State, Greensboro and on to the Mountains

Very heavy old historic boards from my hometown will floor our Todd home. Thank you to my brother Daniel for offering the boards from an old landmark in Smithfield, NC.


Brothers-in-law for 35 years. Yes, I do love our family. 

Each board weighed approximately 70 pounds each. 

A view from the backroom looking out to the store of Evans Jewelers in Smithfield. 

Ma and Pa heading out with the boards....YES!

A stop over for lunch in Greensboro with our son Jacob. 

Love our family.

My view behind the Penske truck across a good portion of the state of  NC

Well, what ya do at stop lights. 

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  1. Some really nice shots here, my sweet, wonderful