Sunday, June 19, 2016

Time Really Does Fly

Time down at the ole growin' up grounds. Time well spent with my brother and sister-in-law. Lunched at the location of the old diner in downtown Smithfield. Now a trendy, sourcing local foods,eatery across from the Johnston County Court House named after a Bob Dylan song... Twist of Fate..And yes, the times they are a changin.
Please go here for song. Simple Twist of Fate Bob Dylan

Brother Time~~~Wine and Humidor

The Johnston County Court House

lunch at a staple. Yep....Some real good tea.

David, Mama, Daddy and I enjoyed the cool summer breeze on the back porch. A good Father's Day weekend.

Father's Day.  A stop over in Greensboro. Jacob took his dad out for a Father's Day brunch.

The lady over you seems to be listening in...Good brunch. Good conversation.

The rest of Father's Day day.
Checkin out the new Winston-Salem Publix

Over at the Todd homestead.


A very good weekend.

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  1. Enjoyed this so much! I appreciate you being the family "documentarian." I especially liked seeing the record of our brunch with Jacob. Nice shots of the new home place.