Saturday, January 9, 2016

Habitat Sale and the Bakery

A cold,slow Saturday. David and I decide to drive over to a new bakery in town. Spotted a Habitat sale sign on the corner. Detour. Let's check it out. The detour involved two trips to our bank's cash points and a switch out from car to truck back to car. Our prizes..A beautiful Jeld-Wen glass front solid wood door and an oval St Thomas Creations vessel sink. Let's go to the bakery... We enjoyed good food while sitting by the front window people watching and enjoying each others company.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Cloudy Sunrise and Jingle Bells

Cloudy sun rise drive on the way for a play day with Iona.

Iona and I play. Puzzles~Book Reading~Coloring~ Dancing~ Marching~Castles~Hair Brushing, Hiding, Much Cuddling, and Eating Snacks,of course. I watched Frozen for the first time today. Yes, I cried.


Beautiful. This girl always makes me laugh. Especially when all is quiet, lying down beside her, trying to get her to take a nap,and she sweetly-quietly starts singing Jingle Bells.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter Morning

Good Night
These two old friends laugh alot when together. Who knows?

Good Morning 
On the way to work.

Classroom stop over.

Another shot of the sunrise tree.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Dolittle Snow

Watching the snow fall for the first time in 30 years from a different window. I'll admit, it felt a little odd but OK.


 We drive around the corner to my dear friend Kirby Dolittle's.You told me it would snow on your birthday. You were right. Happy 72 years today. You are an inspiration Kirby. I love you.

Thank you honey for taking the Kirby photos.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Find the Eucalyputus Oil as Time Flows Slowly

Sunday pancakes. Just you and me by the sunfilled window. Pandora shuffle playing a little Van Morrison, Frazey Ford, Downtown Abbey, Patsy Cline.... School papers strewn across the table. They never seem to end. I find the Eucalyptus oil for the Humio. Smells so fresh. Close the day snuggled together in covers up to the neck watching Downtown Abbey.