Saturday, February 13, 2016

Candy Land and Valentine Treasures

Valentine's Eve Day begins with a 7 am game of Candy Land.
Thank you David for bringing me coffee.

A short visit to the Ashe County library.

Selah brings Miss Kirby cookies. 

Miss Kirby joyfully gives Selah special treasures.

Selah told me as we left that Miss Kirby was really nice.

We head to Boone for lunch and to meet dad at the Local Lion. Look forward to many more sleepovers over at the Todd Homestead.

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Snow Day~Pizza~Cookies~Popcorn~Sleep-Over

A planned Friday play morning with Iona turns into a snow day for Papa and big sister, Selah. Papa to the rescue. We crash in his classroom.

 Iona discovers the bathroom hand dryers. More than once she slipped across the hall for a quick blow dry.

Let the Valentine Sleep-Over Begin

Crafts. The tongue progression is always a thermometer of a Davis concentration level.

 Granddaughter Pizza Tutorial~~~if you listen closely you may hear my heart singing~~
Thank you Sweetheart for capturing this moment.

 Baking cookies with Papa to share with family and friends.

Time to snuggle on down under the covers with a cookie, bowl of popcorn, and cartoon.
It's been a beautiful, full, girly day. Tomorrow is Valentine Eve.