Friday, March 4, 2016

Wood Piles, Birthday Skype, Springs Comin'

Future shelving and firewood

Three huge piles and lots of work ahead

Porch post holds

Opened a special bottle of wine from my brother and sister-in -law

A pet peeve photo, just because.

I think we could be friends
 A Happy Birthday Nathan Skype

Papa and Oma didn't match the action on the screen but we got smiles and laughter. Peas in a pod right here. 

On the way to work

Hello Spring

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Morning Pancakes and Planting

Good morning cuddles and it's barely 7 am 
The art of pancake flipping.
Micah watches the pancake cook.
Butterfly Pancake

Rabbit Pancake

Let's Go Over to the Land. 

1st picnic/lunch.
Micah fell asleep on the way over to the property. Such a good nap.
Helping Papa plant
Planting Echinacea seed from the Wildwood.
Let's wash off our muddy hands in the creek.

Look!Do you see it! I first said Owl, No! See the heart? Well, yes I do.
Time to knock the mud off and go home.

A very brief stopover at the river on the way.

While waiting to say hi to their dad at work. Photos by Malachi.

 I like sleepovers with the grandchildren.