Saturday, March 26, 2016

We Meet at Topsail

We stop for lunch at Smithfield Bar-B-Q. Vacation has begun!

The big and little guys go down as soon as possible. It is cool and windy.

Time to make individual pizzas.

A quick afternoon. Settling in for the next few days.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wildflowers -Electrical-Plumbing

"Hon, Come here! I want you to see something!" I drop what I'm doing and go to the hallway. I see it right away. The bag. My sweetheart knew how much I would appreciate the wildflower packaging. He knows me.  "Please open the bag carefully to save it. I will do something with it". Response. "Of course I will. I knew you would like it."

We meet after work at the new homestead. Time to talk electrical and plumbing.

What I love about this.
I have known our electrician since 1977 and our contractor since footie pajamas and in a crib. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sharing the Joy

I leave work to meet David at the new home. Do I want to go Castle Ford or Brownwood? Ummm, think I'll go Castle Ford. I don't usually go that way.
I pass where Josiah and Meredith are building their new home. As I crane my neck to see the building process and try to focus on the curve, I thought I saw Josiah's truck. I back down the curve, which wasn't smart, and there sits Josiah. He said he honked but I didn't hear him over the country music and wind rushing through the open windows. Let's go over to see the house. I call David to come over.

Josiah gives us the tour

Garden area
Over there is where all the berry varieties will be planted.
Careful, Dad
We were very happy to see all the progress and vision for the home. 

Just 4 miles further out , we stop by to check the progress on our home. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Big Truck~~~MacDonald's and a Game of Clue

Moving day while big brother is at school. Trying out dad's boots.

What happens while mom and dad head down the mountain with the "big truck"....Watching the kindle screen playing kidz music. Oma improvises a toy while waiting for brother in the car line.


After school play and dinner.

 Home to homework, baths, books and a game of Clue. A very special afternoon and evening. All tucked in when mom and dad arrived home.