Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sea, Bojangles, Mountains

We are back in "our" sweet mountains.   I  do love hearing and watching the waves crash against the shore, the wonderful colors that bounce and change against the water, the wind-sand art, the magnificent and abundant  textures and colors of rocks, shells and sand, but I'm a mountain woman. I am always delighted to see them rise in the distance as we approach home.

Today we stopped in Clayton for lunch with my mama and daddy on the way home from the coast. I love them. They are salt of the earth people. This evening we arrived home. Our temporary West Jefferson home. The wind is howling outside. We have a freeze warning. Snow is in the forecast. What a contrast. What a beautiful state. Sea to mountain in one day.

The Fort. Parting shot

We noticed children and dogs explore the "find"

One more photo. Good bye beach

Good bye. We made sweet memories here.

Shutting the gate as we walk back to leave for home

Stop light. David notices the  Plus Hot & Supreme Dogs

Our lunch partners as we pass thru

Friday, April 1, 2016

We Declare Thursday and Friday Our Belated 35th Anniversary Celebration~~~ Friday

Still a little lightning and thunder going on. Upstairs deck
Storm clouds heading out to sea. 
Love waking up to a thunder storm
I come down stairs for coffee

  David starts out for a walk in a light rain.   Immediately turns around...Look! the sun is peeking thru the clouds. He ask for the camera.I will post all of David's sun-cloud photos. Sun, rain, clouds, pounding surf. A beautifully perfect morning.  I get why he took so many of the same subject. Change happens so fast. Beauty.Capturing the moment. Take several make sure you get one or two good ones.  I like them all. Thank you sweet heart for coming back for the camera and yelling for me to look.

Yes, David is grading papers. Dinner of local grouper and salad. A toast to 35 years and more! Packing up. Good time. Good memories.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

We Declare Thursday and Friday Our Belated 35th Anniversary Celebration~~~ Thursday

March 7th, 1981.
35 years.
David and I declare today, Thursday, and tomorrow, Friday, time to celebrate all those wonderful years.

 Here is how we celebrated today. I will post all photos just as we are. We enjoyed sunrise, coffee, and much rest.

Late afternoon walk