Saturday, May 14, 2016

Metal Roof ~ Building a Village ~ a Tree ~ Elder Joy ~ a Catcher

The metal roof !                                            

View from the kitchen sink

First mail! I'll take it,even if it is fliers.

Friday we build a village while mom and dad work a busy graduation day at the Local Lion.

Then the people come

Noticed the table reflection as Iona napped
Stopped by the sunrise tree.

I am always delighted when this sweet, cheerful lady stops by to chat.

A nice ending to the week.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Aunt Kathleen's Zinnias

Long rows of flowers.
I thought Aunt Kathleen (Kat) was the only one on earth that planted so many flowers. 
Reminiscing, I  feel that down home, you are special, come sit under the pecan tree, wrap me like the summer sun.

I asked my cousins, Ginger and Jan, if their mama had seeds and would she have any to share. She did! 

I was able to talk to Aunt Kat face to face a few weeks ago. She was more than happy to share her zinnia seeds complete with tips on how to harvest and save the seeds. Said she would send me some.  

On more than one of those, blar eye, middle of the night awake times, I thought about those seeds, wondered when they'd come, hoped they didn't get lost in the mail. 

Monday, May 9th, Zinnia Seeds !!!!

Warmth of my childhood, Uncle Milt, Aunt Kat, Ginger, Jan, the pecan tree, cows, tobacco barns...that is the package I opened.  I tenderly pulled out the bag of seeds as David stood beside me. 
I saw inviting, colorful long garden rows of flowers and Aunt Kat's face.

Photos from Ginger


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Flowers~~ a Ground Hog ~~~ a Rabbit ~~~ Birds

David began Mother's Day with a bouquet of flowers picked from the yard and coffee. 

I was blessed to hear from all five of our children.

I enjoyed a quiet, soft, peaceful day. 

I watched a playful groundhog run back and forth, a rabbit eating and napping, and birds as I listened to the quiet and a little music.