Friday, May 20, 2016

It's OK

One of the top of the top 10 worst of's... trying on clothes in a department store. Why, oh why, do I succumb to such. Awful. I never have and still don't like it. I did it today. One item.Why did I do that. I knew better. "Large Sigh" .....

I like jeans. I like loose T-shirts/tops. That's about it. Dresses....No.... I have tried. I have one. I call it my "wedding" dress. Like a man has a suit. I have a dress. So, I go and try on another dress today. Not me. Who designs these things anyway? It's OK.

I was next door to the Harris Teeter. We needed a few groceries. I thought, Haven't been to HT in awhile, they can have good sales. Yep, think I will.  I immediately went into this dazed-a little overwhelmed zone.  I did take in the samples of bread, cheese and pesto. Hadn't had lunch. Good but, hey, foofey. I walked back and forth in a daze. Took way too long to get a few groceries. Side note.... I did take advantage of some good specials..but felt like I had to keep right / in the slow lane or keep circling. Still, It's OK.

Unload groceries. Show David the deals. Tell him all about the shopping daze.
He indulges me. I feel safe. I feel pretty. I feel loved. Life is slow and accepting.