Sunday, May 22, 2016

Turmeric~ Rainbow ~ Doors ~Drywall ~ Planting Zinnias

Sunday Routine. Turmeric for the week.
David's faithful weekly turmeric capsule filling
Filling our capsules with bulk turmeric. So much cheaper.
Helps with inflammation so much.

We can really tell a difference in aches and pains.

Sunday Afternoon Entertainment
Sweet dove in backyard.


We pass this old home site off the highway daily.

I can imagine many memories and life up on that hill.



Planting Zinnias
Preparing the Zinnia bed

 Starting to look like home.

Around the curve

 Full Circle 
I was about to publish this week's blog post when I heard David in the kitchen grinding pepper with the mortar and pestle . Preparing the turmeric/pepper capsules for the week.