Saturday, August 27, 2016

Doesn't Hurt to Ask

David loads up the back of the truck with weeks worth of recycling. We enjoy a Saturday morning drive up and around town to the Dogget Road recycle place.  We get out of the truck and "Bear" comes boundin' up for some love and attention. Which she got from both of us. I notice a bench over by the "office" shed building. I assume it was an important piece of sittin' property, not for sale. But, I ask David....(notice I didn't want to ask) ask the guys if the bench was for sale. They laugh and said, "She wants to buy the bench." The guys were a little hesitant. David said that's alright just asking for the wife. During the discussion a woman drives up in a truck and they say to her, "They want to buy the bench." I say back, "Don't want to take your sittin' bench." Somewhere in that conversation the guy turns to David and says, "How much would you give me for it?" "How 'bout buyin' the little lady the bench? David, "How about $20.00?"  Done. Then the details of how he salvaged the bench, salvaged wood flooring strips from some local business, "See right here, it even says West Jefferson on this piece"... and the screws from Parker Tie Company. A piece of local art. As the guys load the bench in the truck, he tells us a story of how he fell asleep on the bench and a woman came and wiggled his foot to make sure he was alright/alive, 'cause he didn't move the entire time she was there." He laughed a good belly laugh. So, that's my Saturday morning story. The Dogget Road Bench will grace our new porch.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Neighbor, Diner Food, Thrift Store Hopping

A Monday visit with just around the corner neighbor , Kirby

Kirby and I have a before knee surgery, back roads day.
  We met sweet genuine, no frills people. Ate good country diner food, went to thrift and antique shops,talked,laughed all day through it all. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bella's Mini Mouse Birthday Party

~Summer Sunday Afternoon by the Pool~ Celebrating Bella's Second Birthday~