Monday, September 26, 2016

~Bringing the Apples Home~

I have missed blogging over the past month. I will try over this "phone tethering" to my large screen...The signal keeps going in and out.

The days were full, productive, frustrating, happy, sad.... Looking back over photos of  the past four weeks, I realize once again, how quickly life changes. There is so much I want to catch up on here. Instead of back tracking, I will start with the most recent.
David and and I worked around the new home. Still unpacking. Much to do. Everything should be out of storage by Wednesday of this week.
Autumn~Fall, which ever you call it. It is here in the beautiful Blue Ridge. Molasses making and apple picking initiate the season. We drove down the road to "our" apple place. Nancy has called us every year since 1982 to let us know the apples are ready.
That is where I will start.

This wonder is 100 years old and still fruitful.The above photos are her offspring. I felt honored to stand under her canopy. I stroked her callouses and thanked her for all the years she had provided shelter and fruit. Nancy said there were four trees on the farm that were 100 years old. What great company to keep. 

Bringing 'em home.

Applesauce, Apple butter and just plain good eatin' ahead