Friday, November 25, 2016

Seeds and Christmas is Comin'

A drive over to town. Tractor Supply, David bought a great pair of leather work boots. Lowe's Hardware for the Black Friday .99 Poinsettias, which I purchased the night before, online for about .80 each.  Picked up at store. Then over to the "Convenience Center" for all the recycling. A great lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers. We enjoyed an afternoon working around the home. I harvested Zinnia and Cosmos seeds while David sawed up downed trees on our property. AND, of course, I rummaged through the basement to find Christmas boxes, tubs, buckets of decorations/lights, while David hunted up some pine and holly greenery from the property. Lights up. A wreath by the door. We are on our way! 

 I totally enjoyed myself. Touching God's magnificent delicacies.   

A Pocket full of Cosmos. A Bucket of Zinnias. 

 Waste not~ Want not~~~Stems of the Zinnia's gather as a bouquet by the basement door.

Christmas Is Comin'


Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Family Thanksgiving Complete With a Birthday Celebration

Thanksgiving morning begin with coffee in bed. Delivered by my man.

 A Family Thanksgiving 

Happy Eight Years Malachi