Friday, October 13, 2017

The Third Week of Fall

The third week of fall, Monday morning drive over to see a friend.
What ARE they looking at?... Probably flowers...

My heart is very satisfied being with this friend.

Sorghum growing by the porch. 

 On the way home. Stop at the bridge for a few photos. 

David gives a neighbor some young Poplar trees. 

David! My hands are dirty, can't get to the door. David H is outside with some grapes! 

Oh, My, So Good. Taste of fall. Thank you😊

I was busy making a tomato pizza type sauce from our garden tomatoes, garlic, and basil...

Good eats. 

The Grapes. Neighbor to Table.

Tasty Grape Jam

A friend gives us some corn stalks for decoration. AND.....

AND... A huge mess of greens... Mustard greens and kale.
The greens came in the door as the sweet potato biscuits were oven ready.

Now, that's a mess a greens.

Ready to freeze to put in soups, or just cooked down on a cold winter day.

Iona is Four. We go to a Mermaid dinner party of grits, eggs, birthday cake and ice cream. Menu by Iona. Delightful. Papa is greeted at the car and dance-fully whisked a way.
Guest are greeted with "underthesea" bubbles

A huge pot of grits. So tasty with cheese and hotsauce.

Pin the tail on the mermaid.

Dad, the bubble keeper

Joyful shared times with friends.

Birthday girl

Yes, We enjoyed a wonderful under the sea  party. 

One last photo....Let's make fish faces

And so goes the third week of Fall

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Second Week of Fall

Freshening up the fall table linens.
   All in a row

End of the summer garden season

Gathering Flowers

Beautiful Sunsets 

 Dirt roads and Back roads

Soul full....Thankful to live near dirt roads. 

Coming from work one afternoon,waited for 12-15 turkeys to cross the road. Barely captured a quick shot as they disappeared in the woods. Coming home from West Jefferson Friday afternoon, that's people riding horses in front of me. Waited for them to pull to the side. 

Just had to slow down and take a photo of this beauty. Classey. 

Leaving the library. We see this sight way to often. 

Rising Harvest Moon

Setting Harvest Moon

A very familiar sight. Wildwood Lane back porch just before sweeping off the leaves~~~David in the backyard. The apple tree has grown a lot.

Friends like family gathered around the table.

Surprise drop in from our long time friends all the way from the coast. You can leave on your soft house clothes for this type of friendship. Linda and I "must" take a photo together...Tradition.

Ashe County~~~How much I love you. Your beautiful back roads, friendly people, slow "downness",~~~ I caught myself smiling off and on all day while driving place to place, shopping thrift/mission stores. Stores that really care for the community. Affordably priced clothing,etc. with monies staying in the community. Can you feel the satisfaction? Here are few of my finds. A monkey suit, octopus legs, ninja suit, skylander shirt, little bee, and other goodies. Oh, and a vintage table cloth. All a dollar each. Yes, I'm smiling.😊I was even offered a cup of coffee while I was shopping by a very nice lady named Skippy. Still smiling. 

Beautiful fall. More raspberries. 

And that is the second week of Fall.