Monday, February 27, 2017

February From Back to Front

The 27th~Bread Making and Egg Gathering
 The 26th~Walk Near Home and Grand-Daughter Time
Papa won the Princess game
The 25th~Nathan will turn 6 this week. A quick visit down to Davidson.
The 22nd-23rd~Jacob comes. We have Christmas with him. He sees our new home for the first time. Quick time with loads of thanksgiving.
Saying goodbye just like a mama.  
A precious balm sent to soothe my soul as Jacob leaves....A blue bird.

The 12th~Goodbye after the week of my dad's passing.  

The 11th~ Three of the grandson's select a tie of grandpa's. Some wear it at the funeral.

Family time, eating lunch given from a thoughtful community

The 10th~the Viewing

The 6th~ Daddy is not well. He is leaving us.

The 3rd~Heading down east for a visit home to help out while dad is not doing well.

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