Sunday, April 9, 2017

Grand Opening ~ Community Dance ~ Spring Tea ~ Clothesline

Publix Grand Opening..Yes, I braved the crowd after work on opening day.
Heading to the car with the goods.

Like my Boone bag.

 Potluck,Dancing, Good Company

 Spring Teatime ~ Of Course, With Dress Up

Tire Swing. 
Iona is the first grandchild to try it out. Big sister, Selah comes to enjoy the ride. We delighted in their giggles. 

David and I enjoyed a day working on the homestead. Happy daffodils spring up in the red clay. I love my man. He knows how much I love a clothesline. He puts one up for me today. No more porch hanging.

 Tea time. Cheers.

She's beautiful. A wonderful day. 

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