Monday, April 3, 2017

Guarding the Bird Feeder ~ An Upgrade ~ Photograph Sorting


Squirrel...I'm watching you.

Barreled out of front door flailing arms and yelling at the squirrels to get away from the bird feeder. 

Ya can run, but not a very good "hider".

Oops~in sock feet 

 Glistening-clinging diamond drops after an early morning rain.

 Complete with background music

A late Friday afternoon start to Georgia. Reserved a basic motel room half way for an easier Saturday drive. Check in. "Ma'am the manager chose 3 rooms for upgrade. You have been upgraded to the Jacuzzi suite." Well, Thank you. 😀Dinner and late night TV


Saturday morning~Georgia Bound.

Drove by David's first college Alma mater

Sorting through old family photographs. Who, What, Where, When? 

Yes, we really, really stayed up until 1 am. Time to get ready for bed.

 We love living this life together.

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  1. Love the composition in the motel lamp picture. Thanks for recording all this.