Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice~ A Most Excellent Day

 Winter Solstice
There is something about today, the shortest day, longest night of the year that is comforting to me.
The Solstice brings a quiet stillness. 
Silhouettes against pearl gray tones.
Neighbor Christmas lights twinkle in the distance.

Yes, The beginning of winter's quietness.
Quietness of soul.
Warm soups. 
The coziness of a wood fire while mesmerized by the dance of the orange-blue flames.

Winter sky.
Moon and stars appear brighter.
As if they are happy to light the darkness.

Maybe that's the real reason I love winter.
Creation bares its self.
Stunningly~ elegantly~ gracefully~ strong
Can take my breath away

So, this morning in the twilight I am drawn to the river. It is a pull. I must go.  In slippers, I button up a wool sweater, camera in hand, leaving the coffee maker making my morning coffee.

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  1. The water appearing to flow in nearly opposite directions is mesmerizing!