Thursday, March 16, 2017

Maybe it's Genetic Or Maybe I Like to Paint in the Kitchen

I remember going to my grandma's house as a little girl opening her refrigerator just to look, see what was there. Many times I would find a bowl of jello with bananas, fruit cocktail or just plain red sitting covered with a saucer. Now, as a grandma, I know why that smooth untouched bowl of jello was there. Just in case. There was some mayonnaise, margarine, homemade pickles, eggs, milk, but not much else inside the refrigerator, but come time to eat,somewhere-somehow the table was magnificently-magically full and tasty. The food appeared from the pantry, sideboard, whipped up and cooked. A jar of home canned peaches, deviled eggs made from freshly gathered eggs, biscuits, fig preserves, pop the top of some home canned green beans, pull out the pickles, add some cured ham. Pour some sweet tea. Voila! There ya go and it isn't even a Sunday.

I know. I understand now Mammie.
Maybe it's because I watched you.
Maybe it's because you pulled me into to whatever you were making/doing.
Maybe it's genetic.
What ever it was. There was an ease. A dance. A way of doing. No worries or frets.
Much love.
Thank you Mammie

I find joy pulling whatever is in the freezer and pantry to make-up something. I am not an artist but I love to paint-create so to speak in the kitchen .

Here is what I did today.

I took two, 16 ounce bags of turnip greens that we have had for a while, out of the freezer. One bag was just the greens, the other was chopped turnips with greens. That's right, 32 ounces of greens.😲

What in the world am I going to do with these? We need to eat them so they don't get freezer burn.

Open the refrigerator. Here are a few left-over chopped vegetables from last night's salad. Some cheese. Some eggs. Some milk.
We have rice, some chicken stock. That's good. Oh yeah, garlic, onions.
I pull this all out and place on the counter top.

Here's what happened.

The Base Players

I know turnip greens can have a strong taste, so I decided to jazz 'em up with flavor. Sauted in olive oil 4 gloves of garlic, a whole onion and also threw in the leftover veggies. 

Dumped the drained thawed turnip greens into the pot. Got it all hot and stewed down. Meanwhile, 2 cups of brown rice which cooked up makes 4 cups, is cooking on the side.

I added the rice. Whipped with a fork in a bowl... 4 eggs, 2 cups of milk and spices, like basil, black pepper, a dash of cayenne,...whatever I thought would work. Chopped up around 2 cups of cheese.Poured into the pot and stirred all together. After it was mixed well, I turned the concoction into a greased baking dish.

Baked at 350 for about 45-50 minutes. The dish I used made the casserole thick so it took awhile to bake. I kept checking until it felt firm.

Oh. I remembered we had a couple of sweet potatoes. I put them in the oven while the casserole was baking. 

Results. The turnip greens had a mellow taste. Supper was rich and satisfying. 

David really enjoyed the meal. There is a cut squared chunk wrapped and ready for his lunch tomorrow. 
I am so grateful and thankful for the blessings of food provided by our Lord Jesus.👐

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Satisfied and Rested

Here I go again, sharing glimpses of our everyday life. It's like I have an appetite-craving for capturing moments in time. I see still shots all the time. That one second that Venus will ever look exactly like that from the porch, a candle glow reflection against a wall, bread fresh from the oven, working hands, grandchild's laughter.... I have this longing to preserve, keep the visual that touches the soft-comfy room in my heart. Ya know that place,the place where everyone wants to hang out. Well, that pretty much sums up why I take so many photos. I love people, creation, light, shadows, the everyday.  So, since the last post, here ya go. 🌱

Friday the 3rd of March,  I spent a feverish day with SpongeBob (grandchildren thermometer) while watching an early morning snow shower.

Around the home

 March 4.Papa loves his grandchildren. Putting up a tire swing.

New steps to the basement and clothesline in the making. 😊

New digs for the bluebirds 

March 7. Flowers by the coffee pot. 36 of the best years of my life. David+Freida=💞 and it keeps richer. My heart still has a hard time fathoming this love, but I live it everyday and it is never, ever boring. I love this man and he loves me. 

More from around the house

Venus from the front porch

Car drives by the house at dusk. 

 I had a hard time staying on the road watching this rainbow surround the base of these mountains. Had to pull over. Not the best shot. The colors were so much more than what the camera caught. A beautiful drive over to West Jefferson on Friday the 10th. 

Lunch with my friend. She delights my soul. My store bought lettuce experiment.Regrowing from the stalk. They are growing and I smile.

Making yogurt

Sunday the 12th.We had homemade wholewheat buttermilk biscuits for breakfast. Decided to make granola and bread. A day that filled my soul.  

I look out to find David. He is making a "bridge" for the grandchildren to cross the little creek even though he doesn't feel well. It is his turn with SpongeBob. And SpongeBob tells him he has a fever.
My heart-soul draws-pulls me to capture moments. Satisfied and Rested.