Sunday, March 26, 2017

Praying Mantis ~ Planting ~ Dashboard Eating ~ Hydrangea Planting

Thank you Sandi for the praying mantis egg sack. Placed all secure and happy in the garden. Look forward to the babies. 




David plants lettuce and spinach.

Thursday Playday 
Kirby parked directly over the only puddle in the parking lot.... And of course, that was directly under her door. I told her to freeze right there for a picture. We laughed belly laughs at the whole sight.

Felt like a kid eating lunch off of the dash board. My brother, sister and I used the back dash of the car as our table on those rare Tasty Freeze outings. This time I was front seating it like a grown up. Kirby bought a foot long just 'cause. We unwrapped just to look at it. Gave it to a friend.
Fine dining at it's best 😁

A few thrift store prizes. Best...Books for granchildren,10 cents each.

Finally a weekend with my mama. 
We were so happy to be with her. David and mama planted the hydrangea that were given to her at the death of our dad. A beautiful day in eastern NC. 

We love mama so much. She is a wonderful woman.